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A high number of people in Africa continue to suffer from hunger and malnutrition. In 2005, the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) estimated that there were 203 million people malnourished >>>
HIV/AIDS remain the most challenging global pandemic to date, having caused high morbidity and mortality around the world. According to the 2009 UNAIDS report, the number of people >>>
Over 90% of the deaths from diarrhea are attributed to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and unhygienic practices. And 90% of these deaths occur in children under five years of age. ADEO efforts >>>
Education is one of the major social determinants of health. The more years one completes in school, the better health options are open to him/her. ADEO’s efforts are mainly to advocate for access to >>>
ADEO promotes the PHC concept, where the main purpose is to empower the communities to take active responsibility for their own health. Primary Health Care (PHC) is a concept that emphasizes >>>
In Africa, at least over half of the 53 African countries are hit by between two (2) and eight (8) large disasters every year. The disasters include; drought, famine, floods, earthquakes, wars (mainly >>>

Welcome to African Development and Emergency Organization (ADEO)

African Development and Emergency Organization (ADEO) is an African based NGO headquartered in Nairobi. The formation of African Development and emergency Organization(ADEO) was conceptualized by a group of medical doctors who had a rich and varied experience in humanitarian work from different countries in Africa. The concept was born out of the realization that most of the humanitarian actors in Africa are from the western countries but insignificant contribution by Africans. The formation of ADEO was a response to the need to strengthen and build the home-grown capacity to bridge the gap where Africans are at the centre of seeking solutions for the African people. >>>